Setting Up A Wireless Network

LAN and WAN Settings


LAN and WAN - What's The Difference?

As we mentioned in the Router Hardware Section your wireless router is actually several devices in one.

It does a lot more then just spew out a wireless signal to your computers and wireless devices. It also negotiates multiple connections between the computers on your home network (LAN) and the Internet (WAN).

Your home network and the Internet are actually two separate networks.

  • Your home network is your LAN or Local Area Network.
  • The Internet is a prime example of a WAN or Wide Area Network.

There are separate sections in your routers web interface to configure each. Usually they are labeled WAN and LAN or Internet and Network.

The WAN section of your router is used to set up your connection with your ISP. The set up you do in the WAN section will differ between a cable modem network and a DSL modem network.

In the LAN section of your router your configure the way it interacts with the computers and devices on your Local Area Network. If you decide you want to configure your DHCP Scope you do it in the LAN section.

LAN and WAN Settings

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