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DNS - The Phone Book Of The Internet

When you select your friends name on your cell phone it dials the correct phone number and connects you to your friend. DNS works in pretty much the same way. Only DNS uses IP Addresses instead of phone numbers and Domain names instead of your friends names.

DNS stands for Domain Naming System.  All Domain Names and their corresponding IP Addresses are stored on DNS servers. All Domain Names and IP Addresses on the Interet must be unique.

When you type in in your web browser your computer checks a domain server for the correct IP Address. The correct IP Address is then returned to your web browser and in the blink of an eye you're ready to Google!

If you cannot access a DNS it becomes very difficult to surf the Internet. The only way to access a website without a DNS server is by manually typing in its IP Address. 😡 Now you're beginning to understand why DNS is so important!


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