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DMZ - The Demilitarized Zone

A good description of what a DMZ is can be found in our Networking Terms section under DMZ. On this page we'll focus on why and how to use it.

When you place a device on the DMZ it is no longer protected from the evils of the Internet by your router.

If you have extremely good firewall software on your computer it may be OK to put it on the DMZ. Unfortunately this defeats the purpose of the DMZ to begin with!

The main reason you would want to place a computer on the DMZ is to get it out from behind a firewall because some application or game refuses to work.

If you really need to place a PC on the DMZ make sure it's one you really don't care about or is dedicated to the purpose of the specific game or application your trying to use. If you think you are having difficulties with a game and you think it may be because of your firewall settings placing it on the DMZ temporarily is a good troubleshooting step.

Game consoles are really not what we would consider "hackable" and usually don't contain much sensitive personal information. It's a pretty safe practice to place a game or other device on the DMZ as long as your not concerned about the data that's on it.


This video shows how to set up a DMZ on several different routers in order to help you find the correct settings on yours.

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